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Scary Dave's House of Horrors

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The Clockwork Dolls - LIVE 01/30 at The Metro Gallery! Jan. 14th, 2010 @ 10:46 am
Come out to Baltimore's Metro Gallery on Jan. 30th to see The Clockwork Dolls perform with two other great bands!

Please make sure to tell the door-keeper that you are there to see The Clockwork Dolls!

So, what did you do last Friday night? Jan. 10th, 2010 @ 12:09 pm
Me? I went to NYC and saw this:

NYE Trip To Philly - Details Dec. 26th, 2009 @ 04:25 pm
H & I are headed up north on NYE to see Cinematic Titanic riff on three movies (Those three movies being “War of the Insects,” “Samson and the Seven Miracles” and “Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks”) at the Keswick Theatre in Ft. Washington, PA (a suburb north of Philly).

In our first two days of the new year we plan on catching The Mummers Parade, visiting The Independence Seaport Museum's "Skin & Bones: Tattoos in the Life of the American Sailor" exhibit, FDR Skatepark, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, and South Street (where we will probably do some shopping at Digital Ferret, among other shops). Breakfast at The South Street Diner will be had at some point, lunch or dinner will be had at La Pizzeria and Nifty Fifty's.

The only thing we are missing is FRIENDS! We have made loose arrangements to meet with two or so friends (you know who you are), but if you are going to be in the area and we don't get to see you all that often - PLEASE give us a heads up and we can try to hang out for a minute.

Cool Band Alert - The Scare Nov. 17th, 2009 @ 11:16 am
From Washington, DC, featuring former members of Affront and The Goons. For fans of pre-major label AFI, opened for Gallows at DC9 this past Saturday:

On Myspace

DJing live on Radio CPR's 'Dissonance', featuring tracks "Black Mass" and "There's No More Room"

Also worth checking out if you like these guys, AFI, or Alkaline Trio are Seattle's Aiden.

Darkest Hour @ 9:30 Club Nov. 12th, 2009 @ 09:20 am

So, I went to go see Darkest Hour last night co-headline with Lamb of God (who had top billing). Have to say, did not get my $35 worth.

First off, the two opening bands were awful. Now, I'm pretty used to an awesome selection of bands at DH shows: Medic, Municipal Waste, Himsa, A Life Once Lost - all introduced to me through DH shows. He'll, I can even remember seeing bands that I don't care for, like Skeleton Witch or Job For A Cowboy, and thinking 'I can understand why these guys are on the tour, and why people would line them'. These guys? Not so much. The first opener was guilty of the 'Thou Shalt Not Have More Gear On Stage Than The Banda You Are Supportig' rule for just as many players. Second opener reminded me of the second-rate homegrown high-school metal bands you would see opening for national/international metal acts at Phantasmagoria, and sounded like half the band was playing a tune/rhythm different than the other half. Neither will have any staying power.

Darkest Hour was awesome, as always, but there were bones to pick. This is the first DH show I have hit that had a barrier & moat, and the only one at the 9:30 that didn't have any stagediving. Second, the set was way too short, and didn't feature any tracks from Mark of The Judas or So Sedate So Secure. However, they played some awesome tracks - The Sadist Nation, Sound The Surrender, Demon(s), No God, Deliver Us, but little more than that - Also, they let their music do the talking as far as earning new fans among the Lamb Of God crowd: No lighting outside of par 64's, three plywood boxes serving as risers along the front of the stage, no drum riser, no scrim, 1 amp/2 cabs per stringed insturment, drum kit with a single kick and two toms.

Lamb of God was, well, over hyped and over blown The band is alright on record, but they have no stage presence, and they tried to make up for this by throwing money at the problem. The set included a diamond-plate drum riser running the full length of the stage and a lucite-topped riser down-center stage packed full of LED's focused straight up. Under the riser on either side of the drum kit was a row of guitar cabs, about 4-6 on each side. There was a solid scrim hanging upstage of the riser with four screen-printed legs running in front of it. Between those were lights. There were about 20 movers in use, and just as many strobes and 6x VNS Par boxes (half of which were focused downstage at the crowd), and there was at least that many (if not more) LED Color Blast's out, half of which were focused on the drum kit. The kit looked like something Neil Pert or Mike Portnoy would have played. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of impressive excess when it comes to show production, but it has to be well designed. I mean, I have seen bands like Slayer and The Pet Shop Boys do more with less, this just seemed like throwing money at a problem by an entry-level designer with ADD. When the band hit the stage, it was very clear that my $35 went directly into LoG's production budget instead of the bands pockets.

I only hope this tour exposes Darkest Hour to a new and larger fanbase, and that they tour & headline a show in the area for a reasonable price soon to make up for the show last evening. $35 to wait two hours and through two mediocre-at-best opening acts to see an awesome band play for 30 minutes isn't high on my list of how to spend a school night.

Current Location: On The Road
Other entries
» Plans For The Week

Tonight- WPFS at The Warehouse
Tomorrow or Thursday- Haunted Train and Carousel at Wheaton Regional Park
Friday- Nosfetatu at The AFI Silver (undecided on showtime, options are 7p and 9:30p)
Saturday- Takoma Park Halloween Costume Contest and Parade at 4p, followed by handing out candy at out new house.
Monday- Every Other Day Is Halloween at The AFI Silver (7p screening)

Comment if you are interested in joining H & I for any of this.

» FYI: Plans for New Year's in Philly
Dec 31st - Cinematic Titanic performing at The Keswick Theatre. Movies include “War of the Insects,” “Samson and the Seven Miracles” and “Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks".

Jan 1st - Mummer's Parade, followed by a visit to the Independence Seaport Museum for their Skin & Bones: Tattoos in the Life of the American Sailor exhibit. No plans at this time for the evening, suggestions are welcome.

We are staying at The Holiday Inn Fort Washington.

This Tues, Oct 27th, The Washington Psychotronic Film Festival presents The Williams Castle Appreciation Night, featuring a surprise movie from William Castle's catalog of films (like Mr Sardonicus, House On Haunted Hill, 13 Ghosts, and The Tingler). Presented for FREE ($2 donation is suggested) at The Warehouse. Details at http://www.wpgs.org

» Ride the Wheaton Haunted Train & Creepy Carousel!
The popular Halloween season event returns, scarier than ever!

For just $6.00 admission (or $5.00 with a donation of canned food), you'll get all this:
* a ride on the C.P. Hauntington through the dark woods of Wheaton Regional Park
* a ride on the Creepy Carousel
* Face painting, and
* a tour through the Hall of Jack-o'-Lanterns

We try to really up the scare factor at Wheaton, so this event is more appropriate for kids ages 8 and up (use your discretion).

Running 6p-9p through Friday, October 30th.
» Takoma Park Halloween Celebration

This Sat, October 31st, starting at 4pm. Costume contest at the intersection of Carroll and Laurel Ave's, followed by the annual Halloween parade, and concluded with a reception and awards ceremony in the Multi-Purpose Room at Paint Branch Elementary School.

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